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Recruitment of electrical automation engineers

Job Title: Electrical Automation Engineer
Place of work: Guangzhou or Shenzhen
Number of people: 2-3 people
Monthly salary: ¥ 8000-13000 yuan
Major: Unlimited majors
Education: College degree or above
Working life: 2 years or more
Requirements: full-time, familiar with Siemens, AB, ABB and other series PLC and HIFI software programming such as IFIX, WCC
Monthly salary: 8000-13000

Job description:

1) Skilled in PLC programming, the controller brands include Siemens, AB, ABB, Schneider and other series.
2) Familiar with the production of upper computer screens such as IFIX and Wincc.
3) Skilled in touch screen writing. Touch screen product series include Siemens and AB.
4) Familiar with AutoCAD electrical drawings.
5) Can complete the design, integration and maintenance of automation projects.

Job Tags:
Five insurances and one gold
Accommodation available
Provide working meals
Performance bonus
Double pay at the end of the year
Professional training
Job promotion
Holiday benefits
Staff travel