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Gen-Tech Automation Technology Co.,Ltd, who is specialized in vibration/noise detection and measurement system design, we can provide vibration/noise analysis report to help our client to optimize their devices and improve vibration situation, to avoid some damage from vibration.

To meet different produce demands, more and more machines are operating with variable speed, that increase the risk of resonance. We can make fast fault diagnosis and predictive maintenance service with continuous vibration/noise detection.

Case 1Valve Vibration Detection

1 Upper Flange Cover, 2 Ultrasonic transmitter bracket3 Ultrasonic transmitter bracket bolt4 Ultrasonic transmitter5 Sealing gasket,  6 Flange bolt gasket, 7 Flange bolt, 8 Flange lower cover, 9 Ultrasonic sensor, 10 Ultrasonic sensor, 11 Tube, 12 Ultrasonic transmitter connect cable, 13 Tube hoop, 14 Remote monitor, 15 Ultrasonic signal acquire module

Case 2: Noise Detection Service

We provide DC/AC motor noise detection for user at the stage of product design, that help to optimize the product design, improve the performance of product.