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In the process of rail transit construction, the unified management of the construction information of multiple shield machines, online analysis of key construction data and timely detection of abnormalitiesare of great significance to improve construction efficiency, ensure construction stability, and reduce construction accidents.

The construction information management and intelligent early warning platform is composed of a three-layer architecture of acquisition layer, processing layer and performance layer. The server software in the data acquisition computer at the acquisition layer reads the real-time construction data in the shield machine's industrial control machine through the Ethernet fiber. Real-time data is transmitted to the relational database and real-time / historical data in the data server through the Internet network at the processing layer for secondary processing. The secondary processing data is transmitted to the Web server of the presentation layer through Ethernet for remote client browsers and APP applications and WeChat public accounts to access through the Internet.

Based on the Web server, the construction information management and intelligent early warning platform system can complete remote real-time display and query of major construction parameters and project progress, statistical analysis, global monitoring and early warning, and upload, download and print functions of construction data. operating system.