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The R&D Center was established in 2013 and is the focal point for the company's R&D management. It cooperates with South China University of Technology and other well-known domestic universities and colleges, and is committed to software development and the development and application of new technologies and products.

The center has technical developers with bachelor degree or above (including a PhD). Technical developers have gone to large-scale enterprises at home and abroad and well-known colleges and universities for advanced training. They have advanced server systems and various automated detection systems. They have formed systematic research and development in software product development, process technology applications, and production equipment transformation. system.

The R&D center has obtained professional and technical advantages in the research and development of information digital system software and industrial automation systems, and holds a number of computer software copyrights.

The main research results obtained by the center over the years are as follows:
(1) Information system for personnel safety management;
(2) Remote real-time monitoring system for shield construction;
(3) Digital networking monitoring system for production information;
(4) Construction information management and intelligent early warning platform system.

The research results are widely used in transportation, offshore petroleum, chemical, energy and light industry industries, with good application results.